Resin and light.
Collaborator: Martin Borini


Early during the corona lock-down I became very interested in the idea of transparent sculptures of shadows. We tend to think of shadows as 2-dimensional appearances, but really they extend from the object that is casting it, to the ground. A shadow sculpture renders visible something that is always there in front of us, yet we never see it that way. Meanwhile, the object creating the shadow is no longer visible. One can see the effect but not what is causing it. In a time when drastic global changes were caused by an invisible structure, this feels like an interesting abstraction of a familiar feeling. But the sculptures were only the first step on a path somewhere else. I was very lucky to meet Martin Borini, who has the sensibility and experience to bring in the second ingredient: light. Our aim is to create an immersive space. Shadows begin to shine, cast shadows, reflect one another and create a world that suddenly feels alien and futuristic.