In preparation.
Collaborator: Hannah Brenner, Conrad Hornung, Martin Borini


This will be the first major exhibition done in collaboration with a number of artists. The project is currently in the state of preproduction.

There are seven pieces that make up the exhibition. Each one of them reflects the outside world, but at the same time it dissolves it by removing it from the everyday and stripping it of its mundane character. The spectator is invited into the large size art pieces and onto a dream-like journey in which the physical space around him is being transformed. The art pieces are like a reflective canvas on which the observing subject is mirrored. In this sense, for much of the exhibition, the spectator is concerned with his own reflection. It is a kind of reflection which, however, is quite unlike what the spectator might be used from daily life – the mirror in his bathroom, the photo album or the selfie in his mobile phone. Walking through the exhibition, he encounters a self portrait that is fragmented and at the same time well framed in the regular shapes of the platonic solids.